Chicken Wang

March 7, 2008

fried chicks
“heyyyyy girl what’s swingin? i like them wings on your back, got me singing

when we spoon on your bed, i can’t get outta mind head,
the fact that your back’s steady blinging

flap those wings of yours, got me rising like tidal for sure,
one flick of my wrist and a spray of my mist, your protein intake will soar

girl i got you acting like the colonel, bust a nut on them wings,
then you write it in your journal”

-latest single from ya boy fro’ – “Ya Wings Make Me Sing”



January 26, 2008


“I will fuck your guts back into you
-hope you like your pussy in your chest.”



Girl you’re a musical wonder
I play your box like an armpit accordion
jazz trumpeting my way to orgasm
Like Dizzy Gillespie blowing out
you fan my sweaty body
with no hands

Make it clap

December 17, 2007


Make it clap like encore
I’m not saying you’re a whore,
but if you want to be one for like 10 minutes its cool
We can see if your ass is bilingual too

hit it and quit it

December 13, 2007

Don’t ever have a bone sesh to John Tesh
It’s like Liberace for old folks
I could take tokes between strokes
Either way, thats shit’s tired

Ear Muffs

December 12, 2007


I wear your thighs like ear muffs
the hair between you legs provides a slight tickle on my nose
in the dark I feel like Jacque Cousteau, probing the yonder
lapping like a dog with a bowl, I quench your thirst

Don’t Get Cut

December 12, 2007


cock is a tumescent
throbbing, shivering in anticipation
between his legs
waiting to cut into gut of a passing bird